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The Bountiful Update. That's the name of the update of Minecraft 1.8, which players have been waiting for almost a year. In our top server IP monitoring from the site NMC-TOP presented version 1.8.8, where there have been corrected bugs and improved innovations. Important among them were: the new doors, gates and fences, which can now be made from any tree. Now you can safely create a clan with your friends, and most importantly - the flag! Yes, yes, now you can make a variety of flags and banners of your clan. New blocks have been added, a new kind of sand and sponge, finally officially. But the most important and interesting thing is the Underwater Fortress! Feel like Aquaman the treasure hunter, but watch out for the guards. However, if you can defeat the Ancient Guardian, you can get the treasure of the dungeon. And what they are - you have to find out for yourself. Team NMC-TOP does not like to throw spoilers, warming interest in the game. How do you start to play? It's elementary. Our site is a top monitoring IP servers Minecraft is arranged very simply, with the care of the players. Copy the IP of your favorite server version 1.8.8 and go on a treasure hunt!

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