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NMC-TOP production.... presents...IP server.... in the best.... in the most monitoring...of the popular game... Minecraft. Version 1.7.9, in the studio! What's new? What's new? Yes, in general, nothing ... But! At one time, this version was just a must install. And all because a huge number of bugs were removed (and, as usual, Herobrine), solved many of the problems with the mechanics of the game and the quality of gameplay. And also, this imposition of the installation is due to the fact that absolutely all the modifications and resourspaks should have supported only version of Minecraft 1.7.9. However, now this obligation is not valid and you can safely, without backward thinking, to play on the server of that version, simply by choosing your favorite IP server in the monitoring from the site NMC-TOP. So still, is there really no updates at all? Of course, the developers have made a couple of innovations. First - the ability to change their nickname in the account settings. Second - when changing the nickname you need to remember that the change will be recognized by servers only with version 1.7.6. At this point, perhaps all, have a nice game. Do not forget to check out our top server monitoring Minecraft. NMC-TOP team is always happy to hear from you.

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