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What is it? The world around is changing... How many new and interesting things appear! Hey, hello again, welcome to the site NMC-TOP, which presents monitoring of the IP of the best servers in Minecraft version 1.7.2. Update this version is aimed at partially changing the world of Minecraft. There are new biomes, there are 6 of them: table mountains, megataiga, cliff, savannah, black forest and birch forest. And what does this mean? That's right! It's the emergence of new structures with all sorts of spoils. And the most favorite place of the girls who play in Minecraft, just have to become a flower meadow. Speaking of flowers: not only a lot of these beautiful plants appeared, but also the corresponding dyes. Colored glass and panels are sure to complement the facade of your home. For fans of fish, they changed the mechanics of fishing and added additional species of fish. Now you'll be able to fish from the pond behind the cube cottage for new boots, or maybe a bottle of the very real gin? Who knows... The team of the NMC-TOP site offers to find the answer to that question! Just click on your favorite IP in our monitoring and look for adventures in Meinkraft 1.7.2.

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