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Site NMS-TOP presents to you the top of the monitoring of servers Minecraft version 1.6.4. Probably the most interesting and popular update of its time was the update "Horses". Horses populated the plains biomes in version 1.6.1, but in version 1.6.4 all the errors of the update are fixed. That is why players have chosen for themselves 1.6.4, which is why our site NMC-TOP in its top server monitoring, too, chose for you only version 1.6.4. You are waiting for 35 suits of horses with different levels of speed and jumping. Bait the horse you like with a ripe apple and tame it. But you have to get a saddle in dungeons or caves to ride it. Do you think the skeletons - riders leave them there? Also you can meet donkeys and mules. The latter can even carry some of your things, if you place a normal chest on their back. A bunch more interesting things, new blocks for coziness and interesting game play. Click on any server you like, its IP will be copied immediately. The site of monitoring of servers NMC-TOP recommends!

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