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Hey, this is the top of the monitoring of the servers of Minecraft from the site NMC-TOP! Welcome. You chose version 1.5.2 for a reason? Then we can say with confidence that you are a true connoisseur of the classics. Meincraft 1.5.2 is one of the old guys who can still keep afloat in the monitoring and the tops. Dive into the world of mechanisms, which appeared in Minecraft only with the version 1.5. Why on our site NMC-TOP presented IP version above? It's simple. In version 1.5.2 many bugs of previous releases are fixed, so that you would be more comfortable and better to play. Activating rails, red stone block, daylight sensor, loading funnel, wagon with funnel, with TNT, with spooner, ejector, trap chest, weighted pressure plates, quartz Lower World - all in the update "Red Stone" and its improved version 1.5.2. Click on the IP of your favorite server in our top monitoring servers Minecraft from NMC-TOP and join the world of technology. You can even build your own subway! Or a trap system for your friend...Oh, I mean, the enemy, of course. Onward to adventure!

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