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Minecraft 1.14.2 was released on May 27, 2019 and again delighted you with another fix for some bugs version 1.14 and 1.14.1. Is it sarcastic? It's up to you and your attitude towards the next update. Personally, the team NMC-TOP very pleased with update of Minecraft 1.14.2. We love updates not only because the game becomes more interesting, but also because in our top monitoring IP servers Minecraft again addition! New servers, new IP, new people - that's what the update brings us every time. That's why we are so happy, happy to give you what you are looking for. What changes will you find in the update of Minecraft 1.14.2? Defending your village is now easier, because the bell senses raiders within 64 blocks instead of 48 as it was before, and the raiders themselves now only spawn in fully loaded chunks. And parrots will now only appear on grass blocks, so you now know where to look for your pet in version 1.14.2. And where to look for your favorite server? Of course on the best monitoring in the country, which presents the top IP servers of Minecraft from the site NMC-TOP.

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Playing on the same server over time can get boring, so on our monitoring we'll help you find a project for any taste. If you don't know where to start your search, just go to the top, or adjust your search filters according to your interests and preferences. We wish you good luck, we hope you find what you're looking for.
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