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NMC-TOP presents to you the top IP addresses of the servers in the version 1.14! What's interesting since version 1.14? A lot! Travel around the world of Minecraft 1.14 and find a variety of villages. From remote and hot deserts, to cold and mountainous forests. Become a good merchant or Hero of the village, saving NPC residents from raids by a faction of robbers. Use the crossbow and new enchantments to become the strongest hunter or protector. Make leather armor for your faithful horse, coloring it with any color. And as well, in Meinkraft 1.14 you can meet pandas, foxes, cats, a llama trader and a brown flyswatter, who will give you a bowl of mysterious stew with unknown effect. Be warned. There may be dangers waiting for you in the swamp mansions in the form of new villains: the champion and the spellcaster. New texture pack! It's been in development for over a year and now players can look at the old stuff with great enthusiasm in a new way! And for those who like to say, "It used to be better," the game has an old resource pack built in, which can be changed at any time. Explore updates to the world of Minecraft with your friends! Make the right choice in the top, on our website nmc-top. The best monitoring of the servers of Minecraft 1.14!

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Playing on the same server over time can get boring, so on our monitoring we'll help you find a project for any taste. If you don't know where to start your search, just go to the top, or adjust your search filters according to your interests and preferences. We wish you good luck, we hope you find what you're looking for.
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