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Color is man's artistic expression of his ability to perceive reality in all the richness of colors. You, too, can express yourself with the update of Minecraft 1.12 "World of Color". Server of this version, we can find on the best monitoring of Minecraft, in the top on the site NMC-TOP. What's new in version 1.12? New wool textures, new colored blocks, beautiful blocks of glazed pottery. Just roast a block of colored clay in your kiln and you'll get an unusual block of terracotta! More fun? Surprise your friend with a colored bed or its increased bounce! No surprise? Then off to the jungle! Tame the parrot, put it on your shoulder and try again to surprise everyone! If that doesn't work just play some music for your parrot and see what happens! And if you do not have enough danger, you can fight with Illusor - one of the strongest monsters at the time of release version 1.12. Find a book of spells and become the strongest wizard in the world of Minecraft. Interested? Then click on your favorite server IP in our top and conquer the bright world of Minecraft! This and much more on the monitoring NMC-TOP.

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