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Site NMC-TOP and server monitoring IP Minecraft welcomes you to the tab version 1.11.2. Team NMC-TOP very long argued and could not decide: what version 1.11.1 or 1.11.2 put in the top? As you have already noticed - the winner was the version of Minecraft 1.11.2. It is with the version 1.11.2 developers released a patch that should fix some bugs. Unfortunately, there are few updates in this version, but they are still there! For example, the iron nugget. Players call it affectionate word "waste", we think it's a very useful little thing! Due to the emergence of the iron nugget is available to melt old or unwanted iron things, tools or weapons. Simply move the iron object into any fuel (coal or wood) heated furnace and collect an iron nugget from it, from which you can make iron ingots and new armor (or weapons and tools) again later on. And once you've created a shiny new sword, you can cast new damage-increasing spells on it! Also, the developers have made the game more difficult. How? You'll find out for yourself by starting to play on the selected, in our top monitoring, IP server. NMC-TOP wishes you a pleasant pastime in the world of Minecraft.

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