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Yin and Yang, fire and water, heaven and earth, cold and heat. Why these opposites? To the fact that the update of Minecraft 1.10.0 is related to exactly the opposites: cold and heat. Our top monitoring of servers for Minecraft from NMC-TOP presents you the IP servers version 1.10 with the update "Frozen"! Now you will find treasure houses and villages more often, especially in the hot deserts. Beware! You should not walk through the desert at night unless you want to be eaten by a strong zombie, the cadaver. But if you think that you can get away from trouble in deserted frosty biomes, then we hasten to disappoint you: there are polar bears roaming the snowy fields, which are very unfriendly to strangers on their land. Be careful, if you hear cracking of bones and howling of a skeleton's soul: it's a snowy mountain bear pulling the bowstring of its ghostly bow. Aren't you frightened? Then you can bravely choose one of the IP servers of Minecraft 1.10, presented in our monitoring top from NMC-TOP and start playing!

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